Primerica Mega Conference: Extravaganza of Technology, July 26, 2011

When you bring 42,000 salespeople together in one place, there’s bound to be a lot of noise—130-plus decibels, to be precise, about the level of a rock concert. It happened recently in Atlanta, where the recognition/motivation event for a large financial services company took place over a three day period.

St. Louis-based experiential marketing agency Switch: Liberate Your Brand has managed and produced the Primerica Financial Services’ corporate events for the past eight years. This year, it took 24 tractor trailers of gear to create the extravaganza, which included eight different synced video sources, 27 video displays and 195 intelligent light fixtures on the floor, pyrotechnics and wall and articulated trusses with more than 150 hang points.

The event took place in all three wings of the Georgia World Congress Center and Georgia dome, totaling 1.4 million square feet of exhibit space. The on-site production crew peaked at 172 workers. Joe Farrell of Switch was the lead on the production team, and he pulled as many tricks as he could out of his hat, from slow reveals and large format video to moving scenery and booming sound systems.
“The objective was to bring the most impact that we could within the budget,” he said. They certainly did.

Production Credits
Executive Producer: Norma Richardson
Production Design: Joseph Farell
Lighting Design: Warwick Price
Video Image Design: Drew Findley
Audio Design: Chas Gerber
Production Manager: Steven ‘Dak’ Harris
Video Director: Alan Davidson
Production Rigger: Clay Carter

Production Team
Production Services: Switch Liberate Your Brand
Lighting: Christe Lites & Syncro Lights
Audio: Beach Sound & Gerber Acoustic Services
LED Video: XL Video
Rigging; Atlanta Rigging Systems
Trussing: Atlanta Rigging Systems
Rigging Automation: SGPS
Custom Trussing: SGPS
3D Animation: Switch & Ronald, Inc.
M-Box Video Servers: PRG
Video Engineering & Projection: Switch Liberate Your Brand
Video Support: VER
Labor Management: Production Arts Workshop
Scenic: Switch Liberate Your Brand
Staging Services: Southeast Staging
Decorating Services: Freeman
Lifts & Equipment: Briggs Equipment