Primerica, Inc. Streamlines File Transfer Across Global Supply Chain Using MFT Technology

Red, March 8, 2011

Financial Services Marketing Giant Uses bTrade’s Managed File Transfer Solution for Security and Scalability.

bTrade LLC, a leader in multi-platform Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions, today announced that the Company’s flagship solution, TDAccess, has been instrumental in helping financial services marketing company, Primerica, Inc., drive deeper efficiencies across both their physical and financial supply chains.

TDAccess provides Primerica with a readily-deployable data communications software solution that easily links business applications and processes to a variety of existing trading communities in three market segments (life insurance, investments, loans and long term care). Primerica runs TDAccess on multiple platforms and highly values its ease-of-use, especially when deployed on a mainframe platform. TDAccess automatically performs an essential function for Primerica — data compression/decompression — which allows the company to easily manage large volumes of data transmissions. Data security is essential for financial services companies, and the advanced cryptography in TDAccess gives Primerica the security it needs.

“With data breaches occurring, organizations must have the right Managed File Transfer solution in place when transferring sensitive information," says David Wade, CIO for Primerica Inc. “bTrade’s TDAccess is a secure, scalable and an intuitive file transfer solution that has been easily integrated into our existing infrastructure.”

“The requirements of today’s financial institutions are constantly changing and security is always a top priority,” said Steve Zapata, President and CEO of bTrade. “As a result, many financial companies, such as Primerica, are enhancing controls and choosing MFT over unsecure FTP. bTrade is committed to meeting Primerica’s demand for solutions that deliver security and efficiency – with visibility throughout the process."

About bTrade
bTrade offers Managed File Transfer (MFT) technology solutions for enterprises that share sensitive data across applications and organizations, and face complex security and compliance mandates. Thousands of customers depend on bTrade solutions to gain control and oversight of the movement of critical corporate data to facilitate data growth, reduce security risk, and improve IT and business efficiency. bTrade was founded in 1990 and is led by eBusiness visionaries who have delivered industry-leading business integration solutions to thousands of enterprise customers worldwide. bTrade is privately held and profitable with its global headquarters located in Burbank, CA USA.

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About Primerica, Inc.
Primerica, headquartered in Duluth, GA, is a leading distributor of financial products to middle income households in North America with approximately 95,000 licensed representatives. The company and its representatives offer clients term life insurance, mutual funds, variable annuities and other financial products. Primerica insures 4.3 million lives and more than two million clients maintain investment accounts with the company. Primerica's mission is to serve middle income families by helping them make informed financial decisions and providing them with the strategies and means to gain financial independence.