Switch Puts Production Power Behind 2013 Primerica Convention

By jbeidlepr
St. Louis Post‑Dispatch, interact.stltoday.com, July 3, 2013

Every two years, Primerica, Inc. hosts a national sales convention for its 40,000+ representatives/employees to further their educations, gain advice and motivation from their peers and receive recognition for their accomplishments. This year's convention was held June 15-18 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center and Georgia Dome. For the past decade, St. Louis-based experiential marketing agency Switch: Liberate Your Brand has designed, constructed and produced the convention, which has been likened to a rock concert in terms of sound decibels, pyrotechnics, video displays and sheer energy. A highly-anticipated and universally lauded event, the Primerica National Sales Convention is focused on motivating its employees to exceed their goals and expectations.

To accomplish a convention of this magnitude, Switch put in 600 hours of pre-production time devoted to designing scenery, creating animation and drafting designs. Four tractor trailer trucks were used to transport the sophisticated set from Switch's headquarters to the Atlanta Georgia Dome. The production required over 30 tractor-trailer loads of gear from a variety of specialist agencies around the U.S.

To deliver that rock concert sound and feel, Switch used pyrotechnics fired by a special computer capable of 1/100th of a second firing cues from multiple locations around the stage. Roughly 654,500 total watts (equivalent to powering the average home approx. 345 days) were used for lighting during the event, as well as 270,000 watts for strobe lights and roughly 2.5 miles of 2k multi cable to wire it all.

For that gut-busting concert sound, Switch used approx. six miles of speaker cable, 16 channels of wireless intercom, and 16,000 pounds of flown speakers (72 d&b jbox speakers, 24 d&b j sub speakers, 18 d&b t box speakers, 60 d&b d12 amp speakers, and 10 d&b d6 amp speakers powered by 225,400 watts of amplifiers.) Nearly five miles of wire rope bridles rigging 176 chain motors that supported 156,900 pounds of lighting, audio, video and scenery were hung from the Georgia Dome roof.

Other Event Facts

  • 654,500 total watts were used for lighting during the event. That would power the average home for roughly 345 days, or about 11 1/2 months.
  • Of the total watts, 270,000 watts were strobes. A home would be powered for 142 days off of the strobe wattage alone.
  • 13,480 feet (or roughly 2.5 miles) of 2k multi cable was used on the show.
  • 3,408 feet of feeder cable and 17,040 feet of copper (or roughly 3.2 miles) were used.
  • 240+ speaker cabinets powered by 225,400 watts of amplifiers were used.

View a time-lapse video of the 2013 Primerica Convention: